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Mutual Accountability Groups

The MAG Purpose

Originally started as Mutual Mentoring Groups, ASMP New England’s Mutual Accountability Groups provide another outlet for photographers to help photographers. Professional photographers often lack consistent co-workers — people with similar experiences who can offer support and advice. Too often, we work alone when it would be better to collaborate with other photographers, thus elevating our ideas and solutions. You know what you need to do, but your MAG will help you do it better.


How MAG Works

ASMP New England encourages self-direction and independence in MAG. Indeed, this has made for the strongest groups. Your MAG will discuss whatever is currently relevant. The general structure consists of a monthly group meeting and each member bringing at least one item for discussion (whether it’s a recent shoot, contract questions, marketing materials, etc). Each member will share this item for critique and thoughts from the group. More intricate meetings have been held, such as one on studio lighting. Your MAG determines its path.


Getting Started

Self selection has proven to be a solid foundation for a good MAG. A MAG must initially have three ASMP members in it. These members may already know each other or have found each other on the MAG webpage. One member will be the Chair who will set up the monthly meetings and be a contact for ASMP’s New England Chapter. Each founding member can invite another ASMP member into their MAG. Once again, this may be a personal colleague or someone found on the MAG webpage.


Interested? Start by filling out your MAG profile so you can start participating in MAG. The strongest indicator of a group’s success is each of its members’ desire to improve their photography and business practices as well as collaborate and share with one another.


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