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March 30, 2017: Turning passion projects into commissioned work with Mary Beth Meehan


Come join us for an insightful evening with New England-based photographer Mary Beth Meehan as she takes us through her journey into her passion projects turned commissioned work. She will discuss this in the context of two projects. SeenUnseen, is a community driven portrait project that got it’s start in Providence, RI and focuses on large-scale portraits of ordinary people within the city. City of Champions is a documentary project and celebrated body of work created from her hometown of Brockton, MA. Mary Beth will show us how her personal work has led her to winning grants; making her projects come to fruition. 



February 15, 2017: Grants and Artist in Residences: Where to Find Them / How to Win Them


Grants and artist-in-residence opportunities can seem out of reach or mysterious to many photographers. Where do you find ones applicable to you and your work? What are some good strategies for applying for grants? To answer these questions and more, ASMP New England has put together a panel with two local photographers and one local artist Neal Rantoul, Randall Armor, and Mary Sherman. Each has won grants to further their work. They will share the project(s) for which they won the grants along with what they’ve learned in the grant application process. Mary will also speak to the great potential in arist-in- residence programs, share her experiences being an AiR in various places, and talk about where to find them. We will open it up to Q&A afterwards.  Come get some ideas for doing more than self-funding your project.




January 17, 2017: ASMPNE and AIGA Boston Host Creative Industry Pints n’ Pixels


Come join us for a fun evening of pictures and people. We’ll be gathering at Barlow’s (241 A Street, South Boston).  There will be complimentary food and one complimentary drink for each attending ASMP member who has pre-registered for the event and a cash bar too.  We’re inviting other creative industry groups as well so come ready to mingle.


Your photos and graphic designs will be on a big screen slideshow all evening.  This will be a great evening to have a little fun and network with other creatives in the Boston area.  Please invite your friends.  Admission is free to ASMP members. Please register so we know how much food will be needed.





November 5, 2016: Latest and Greatest Professional Adobe Photoshop Workshop


Come join us for the day to get the latest and greatest Adobe and lightroom tips and tricks along with a complete professional workflow from start to finish. We will be meeting at the Hilton Gardens Hotel in Waltham. Please bring your laptops with photoshop loaded and your power chord and you will be ready to rock.


Lee Varis shares his photo-imaging workflow, revealing trade secrets from his many years in entertainment industry advertising. Along the way he will cover the newest features of Photoshop CC and demonstrate the latest advanced techniques, including frequency separation retouching, and luminosity blending. Lee will start with raw file processing, and ending with CMYK print preparation, he will show you fundamental techniques for color correction, retouching, and special effects.


You will work on several projects, step-by-step, using image files provided for you, so you can follow along with Lee as he shows you the magic of Photoshop and Lightroom, including:

  • raw processing setup for further editing in Photoshop
  • white point/black point color correcting with Curves
  • simulating background bokeh effects
  • hair edge masking & the new select & mask dialog
  • facial recognition in the new Liquify dialog
  • b&w conversion, and CMYK adjustments




October 11, 2016: The ASMPNE Portfolio Review and Town Hall with ASMP National Director Tom Kennedy


The ASMP New England portfolio review is open only to members and will be hosted by High Output in Allston (86 Lincoln Street, Brighton MA).  There are tried and true reviewers and new ones.  Each member can sign up for 5 fifteen minute reviews.  Make sure to read who the reviewers are looking to meet so your reviews are as productive as possible.  The review will last from 3:30-6:30PM.


Remember, nothing will advance your work faster than getting in front of photo industry professionals who will see things you didn’t.  It can be a completed body of work or something in progress or a portfolio of various shoots.  It can be on a screen or printed.  Just edit it hard and look to have a some theme or narrative carry throughout so that it is cohesive.


Afterwards, we’ll have the Amigos Locos foodtruck there to take care of all of us and ASMP National Director Tom Kennedy, who is a reviewer too, will host a town hall meeting on ASMP where you can share your thoughts on what could make ASMP even better.  Many reviewers will hang out as well so you’ll get time to spend informally with them. If you can only make it to the town hall, simply register but do not sign up for reviews.


We’ll be auctioning off a Think Tanks Retrospective Laptop Case 15 L and a $2,000 Workbook Online Standard portfolio. There will be a Bob Korn 24x34 print with 20x30 image valued at $130 to auction off.




September 20, 2016: Getting Personal: Four Members Share Their Personal Projects and Passionate Commissions


We at ASMPNE have found throughout our careers that doing work we care about also supports our businesses.  Choosing these meaningful projects ultimately attracts clients you want to be working with.  Although it is unpredictable how a personal project may lead to a job, in the end doing work that we are passionate about not only feeds our souls, but also helps grow our businesses in unexpected ways.  Please join us for an evening of friendly discussion and outstanding imagery as we present the personal projects of four New England photographers and work they created right here in New England.


Each photographer will present his/her images, discuss the stories and motivations behind each project, and answer audience questions. This evening will not only be a chance to see what our fellow photographers are up to, but may also provide the inspiration for us all to pursue our own personal projects.  Members / Attendees are encouraged to bring personal projects they are working on to share during social time.  We would love to see what you are all up to!


We are excited to hear from David Binder, George Disario, Tracy Eller and Mark Chester about their personal projects. What better way to get to know photographers than through their personal work?  Join us for an intriguing evening. Thanks to our sponsors: The Griffin Museum, Bob Korn, Think Tank and Moo. Please invite your friends!




June 14, 2016: Celebrate and Create at ASMPNE's Year End Portfolio Party


ASMP New England will throw its year end party/program on June 14th, 2016, at the Griffin Museum (67 Shore Road, Winchester).  The Amigos Locos food truck will be on hand along with some alcohol to get the party started at 6PM along with an available lighting demonstration (scrims, 7 in 1 reflectors, and ND filters) from Scott Levine from Hunt’s Photo and Video.


We’ll head inside at 7:30PM for a discussion by Karen D’Silva of Agency Access about its new Portfolio Build program which helps photographers incrementally achieve big career/portfolio changes.  Boston-based photographer, Lucas Mulder, will accompany Karen.  He worked with Karen through the Portfolio Build program so you will get to hear from both sides how it works.
The Portfolio Build program is designed for photographers looking to elevate the quality of their work to the next level and photographers needing to revitalize a tired portfolio.  It provides the motivation, discipline and support to make the big changes necessary to redefine your work and career.  There are three phases:


1). The Tearsheet Excercise
The photographer brings 5 tearsheets illustrating the direction he/she want their work to go defining a style and position for the future work.


2). Editing for Structure
The photographer supplies images in line with the position established in Step One.  This could be previously shot work that indicates the way forward in a big career change or that builds on the direction already established in the photographer’s career.  This work is put into a web edit.


3). The Build
Over 4-6 months of weekly calls with Agency Access which establish goals, obstacles, and opportunities, the photographer creates new work which is moved into the web edit established in Step Two.  This is repeated until the web edit is ready to go live.



We decided to host this program before the summer break so maybe it could give your wheels time to turn before our Portfolio Review in October.


We’ll have a silent auction for a Photoshelter Standard Account ($329 value) and a Think Tank Digital Hoslter 2.0 V2 ($69.75).  Door prizes will include two camera cleaning coupons ($35 value) courtesy of Shawn Plouffe (formerly of EP Levine) and a Bob Korn 20x30 image on 24x36 paper ($130 value).   Also, Shawn Plouffe will attend the event and be able to clean your camera on the spot even if you don’t get lucky and win the raffle.




May 10, 2016: Social Media You Can Do; Results You'll Love


We know what you're thinking: sigh, another program on social media? The perils in social media are many: ineffective use of time, overwhelming by nature, no real connections, and frankly just feeling like a complete waste of time. But, that's not always the case; and there are many photographers using social media to their advantage building online audiences which can get their work elevated to new levels of exposure and success.


Local digital strategist Meighan O'Toole will provide insight and clarity in how photographers can and are using social media in meaningful and actionable ways. Meighan advocates refreshing ideas such as using only a few platforms well rather than many poorly, dedicating specific scheduled time for social media, and offers easy workflow hacks to save you time. You've got the photos and stories; let Meighan show you how to get the most out of them online.


In today's world, technology has drastically changed the way we find information, work, and connect with others. It has also completely revamped the landscape for photographers developing their own professional career. Gone are the days of being discovered; it's in your hands to build your own following, network with galleries, publications, peers, and collectors, as well as continue to create jobs, opportunities, and sales as career photographers.


Meighan will outline how photographers can best use social media, technology, and a web presence to further their career and opportunities. She’ll offer examples of professional photographers who are using social media in dynamic and compelling ways, give an overview on the top social media sites, and encourage you to share your questions and experiences throughout the talk.


A Think Tank bag will be part of the silent auction.




April 26, 2016: Capturing The Dramatic Moment, Commercial Storytelling In Stills and Motion


Join Canon Explorer Of Light Tyler Stableford for an unforgettable multimedia presentation going behind the scenes from his latest stills and motion shoots. A prolific director and photographer, Tyler will share a range of print and TV commercial campaigns in addition to award-winning short films and nonprofit documentaries. Most importantly, Tyler will reveal the workflow and creative process driving each project.


Come see the work and process which enable Tyler to land large commercial shoots. Also learn why completing non-profit, volunteer work is so important to him. Learn from Tyler what it takes to be a successful photographer in today’s market.


The “Back Stage Pass” is back by popular demand! $30 per person for ASMP members only. Would you like an opportunity to meet with Tyler Stableford before the program for an intimate Q & A? Register for the “Back Stage Pass”. Maximum 10 people so get your seats before they sell out!


The silent auction will include a $2,000 Workbook Online Standard portfolio and a Think Tank City Walker Bag. There will also be door prizes from Tether Tools (camera mount for a GoPro or a point and shoot camera), a Bob Korn (20x30 image on 24x34 paper valued at $130), and two camera cleaning coupons (valued at $35 each) from Shawn Plouffe formerly of EP Levine’s.


There will be complimentary food and drink. This will be a wonderful evening.  Please bring a friend!



April 5, 2016: Don't be your own Worst Enemy, Lessons from Peter Vanderwarker


Come join us for an evening with architectural photographer Peter Vanderwarker as he shares some of the lessons he's learned:


"Over the course of a long career, the jobs I missed were mostly because of me. The other person got the job —  but if I had just thought a bit, I could have nailed a lot more work.

My enemies are the usual lot: fear, arrogance, lack of followup, depression, lack of focus. The list is endless. This lecture will consist of war stories that are hilarious and tragic, if only they were not so true.

With just a bit of self awareness, you can develop a direction that plays to your own strengths and avoids you own weaknesses. You can also become more creative about  your work and your marketing.

It isn’t easy, but it sure beats losing all those jobs…..…"


We’ll be raffling off a ThinkTank Speed Changer, a Rapid Mount Q20 from Tether Tools, and two free camera cleanings by Shawn Plouffe so come feeling lucky.



February 10, 2016: The Photoshelter Toolset of Conservation Photographer Jerry Monkman


Outdoor photographer Jerry Monkman runs the website for his company Ecophotography on the photo service Photoshelter which provides the prolific author, filmmaker, and assignment / stock photographer essential tools to keep his business running smoothly and clients coming back.


Jerry will first discuss assignments for The Nature Conservancy and Trust for Public Land so you can get an understanding of him and his work. After learning where he’s coming from photographically, Jerry will take us behind the scenes of his website to show how Photoshelter helps him with:
• Licensing stock and completing up print sales,
• Servicing clients (both assignment and stock),
• Lightroom Interface, Mobile Interface
• Overall website / portfolio design.


Photographers need strong customer service and up to date web technology / design just as much as they need to be improving their photo skill and refining their vision. Come see how Photoshelter provides terrific back-of-the-house services and presents Jerry’s work professionally and intuitively on the web so he can focus more on his photo career.


A one year long Photoshelter Standard account (retail $329) will be part of the silent auction. Also, Nikon Pro Services will be at Hunt’s so you can check out the new D5, D500, SB-5000 and more. There will be a silent auction a Turnstyle 20 backpack with a retail value of $100. Our door prizes will be:  A Think Tank Lens Pouch and a Tether Tools Rapid Mount SLX Multi-Surface SpeedLight Holder for Off-Camera Flash Mounting.



January 12, 2016: ASMPNE Hosting a Creative Industry Pints n’ Pixels


Come join us for a fun evening of pictures and people. We’ll be gathering at Barlow’s (241 A Street, South Boston).  There will be complimentary food and one complimentary drink for each attending ASMP member and a cash bar too.  We’re inviting other creative industry groups as well so come ready to mingle.


Submit your artwork! (deadline January 11, 2016)

Send images to John Clarke Russ:
Subject line: PINTS AND PICS

Use these 3 easy steps to make sure your images can be included.
- Choose up to 5 images
- Put your name and logo on the image so we can all hoot and holler at you.
- Submit your photos as JPEGs, sized to 1024 (w) X 768 (h) max, 72 dpi, sRGB.
- Name your images with your last name and number that will help the images show together in the slide show (example: smith001.jpg)


Your photos and graphic designs will be on a big screen slideshow all evening.  This will be a great evening to have a little fun and network with other creatives in the Boston area.  Please invite your friends.  Admission is free but please register here so we know how much food will be needed.


We will have two silent auction items. Think Tank bag, and a $2,000 Workbook Online Standard portfolio. We will have a Bob Korn door raffle giveaway 20x30 image on 24x34 paper valued at $130.  There will also be a chance to win a Tether Tools essentials pack as a giveaway item valued at $47.60 and some Hunt’s giftcards.



November 10, 2015: Taking Care of Business ASMP Style


 We all get into photography for the photography.  Quickly, we find though if we don’t handle the back end well, we may not be able to remain photographers.  ASMPNE has organized a panel including financial planner Eric Roberge of Beyond Your Hammock, President of Taylor and Taylor Insurance Scott Taylor, and accountant Maurie Fox-Warren to help get / keep you on the right track.

We all live with the drawbacks to working for ourselves - double taxed, unpredictable income, lack of support etc.  In this program, we’ll discuss the smart business moves we can make as contract workers to minimize the problems we confront and take full advantage of opportunities you may not even be aware exist.

We’ll answer questions like should I set up my business as a LLC, DBA or S-Corp?  How can I budget for my monthly expenses / estimated taxes with my irregular income?  Should I get an IRA, SEP, Roth IRA, HSA or something else to save for my retirement and how should I invest the money?  Just what are all the insurances I should carry and adequate minimums?  How can I legally and insurance wise protect myself and my family most effectively?  Whether you’re starting out or been in business for decades, our panel will have useful information for you.  Also, there will be a silent auction for one of the Workbook Standard Portfolios valued at $2000 and a free door raffle a Think Tank bag.



October 16th, 2015 ASMP New England’s Third Annual Portfolio Review Is Bigger Than Ever



The third annual ASMPNE Portfolio Review will bring together a wide range of New England art buyers and creatives with ASMP members. This will be followed by an after party with all attending photographers and reviewers. The Amigos Locos Food Truck will provide the food and ASMPNE will provide the drinks. All events will take place at Red Sky Studios (184 Everett St., Allston, MA). Also, there will be a silent auction for a Workbook Standard Portfolio valued at $2000 and a Think Tank bag.

In addition to some tried and true reviewers, ASMPNE made special efforts to bring in some new faces / organizations this year such as (but not limited to) Wonderful Machine, The Photo Closer, and the RDW Group. Also, there are photographer reviewers David Binder, Francine Zaslow, and Bill Gallery who will review as a team. Why have a review with other photographers? For one, David, Francine, and Bill are all well established New England photographers. Second, we’re all in ASMP partly for the great advice (photographic, business, marketing and otherwise) we can get from other photographers. David, Francine, and Bill have been where you are and can help you move faster to where you’re headed.


September 19th, 2015 Storytelling Travel Photography


Join us on Saturday, September 19th at The Center for Digital Arts in Waltham as National Geographic photographer Bob Krist presents a half-day seminar on visual storytelling and travel – from stills to motion. Over the years, Bob has developed a method of storytelling in his stills coverage, and now in motion as well, that can help you find a story in every situation.
Learn how to shoot for story. Travel photography requires a host of photographic styles, and planning a story does, too. Bob will talk about landscape and architecture, people (portraits and candids), street shooting, culture, food, nightlife, interiors, sports, and wildlife. Learn how to sequence your vision and learn the five angles and five shots that will please every editor. Learn the layers of audio and the gear required to start shooting motion. You’ll leave knowing how to analyze a situation for story potential and how to find the narrative threads.
Please invite your friends. Lunch is included.
From the heart of France to the high streets of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. From the highlands of Bali, Mexico, and Iceland, to the heart of Lambertville, New Jersey….a look back at the assignments of 2014! Music by Tony Anderson, licensed from Shot on Sony RX10, A7s, and A6000 cameras. Edited by Ryan Mancuso.






 June 16, 2015 Behind a Successful Kickstarter, Photo History, and a Food Truck


ASMP New England pulls out the stops for its year end party / program. The Firebox Amigos Locos Food Truck will be out front of the Griffin Museum (67 Shore Road, Winchester MA) from 5:30-7:30PM. There will be music, beers and Mexican food. Bring a blanket if you’d like to sit in the front lawn. Explore the Griffin Museum all night and the Lee Gallery (9 Mt. Vernon St., Winchester MA) from 5:30-7PM.


We’ll head inside the Griffin at 7:30PM for a talk on what makes a successful Kickstarter by two local photographers who have done just that. Asia Kepka funded the printing, framing, and hanging of her project Horace and Agnes at the Griffin. Bruce Myren funded the logistics of reaching remote locations and supplies to complete his 40th Parellel project. Eric Luden of Digital Silver Imaging partially funded the purchase of special gear allowing his lab to print up to 50’ wide.



Asia, Bruce, and Eirc will discuss how they framed their projects for their Kickstarter campaigns. Topics will range from (but are not limited to) effective video creation, promotion, reward selection / delivery, general logistics of monitoring the campaign’s progress and communicating with funders, and how the money was used / accounted for at the end of the year.

We all are working on personal work which is often our most meaningful work. Embracing the leverage and reach of technology like Kickstarter can empower us to be our own publisher or whatever we need really. But, our work has to be good and our ask has to be clear. Come learn from Asia, Bruce, and Eric how to complete and share your personal work.


Then, have a nice summer!




May 19, 2015 Pricing Aerobics with Todd Joyce


 Join us for an exercise in pricing as Commercial photographer and past president of ASMP, Todd Joyce ( will lead us through the difficult discussion and get beyond the taboo of talking about price.   As photographers, we're constantly estimating, but how confident are we in the terms we use and the amounts we charge?  Talking price can be difficult which is why ASMPNE is happy to host Todd for his Pricing Aerobics program at EP Levines (219 Bear Hill Rd., Waltham MA 02451) on Tuesday, May 19th.  

Todd will discuss who our clients are and what they're thinking, The "value of you" and practical pricing info. Todd will present several photo projects for audience members to submit our estimates - anonymously.  Todd will share his estimate for each job as well as the audience's estimates, proving to be a very educational and interesting evening of discussions.   
Please remember, ASMP or its members cannot tell photographers what to charge; but Todd can discuss and share what he would charge.





 April 14th, 2015 Craig Orsini on Navigating Change and Reinventing One’s Photography Career


   Join us on April 14 at Lens Pro To Go (130B Baker Ave Extension, Concord MA 01742) as Craig Orsini retraces the steps he took to become one of the region’s most-sought after commercial photographers and directors..


   Craig has described himself as “having more energy than a beagle.” He has been a photographer since the early days of digital, opening a still life studio in Boston in the 90s. Navigating sea change in our industry, he has gradually expanded his repertoire from still photography to include videography and directing.Tapping on over a quarter century of experience, Craig will discuss the importance of change and how it can spur self reinvention. He will also relate how he navigates and adapts the  movable parts of his thriving business from self-promotion to the web, his gear and the list goes on. And he will share a few methods of how to laser-focus one’s efforts by citing recent examples of his social media campaign and his new website.


  Craig has been shooting and directing for clients such as GMC, Zip Car, Scripps Network (Food Channel, DIY, HGTV), Fisher House, Titlelist, Carnival Cruise Lines, Dunkin Donuts, Bose, TomTom and McDonalds, to name a few!  He even co-developed a highly popular app, MediaPad Pro, which has been described as the ultimate portfolio tool for anyone wanting to showcase their past work and land future assignments.



March 21, 2015 2nd Annual Lighting Workshop Rodeo 



      This full day workshop is geared towards the working photographer. Building on the success of last year’s rodeo, it explores more lighting possibilities to add to your repertoire. Bring your cameras and get ready for a hands on workshop that goes beyond the basics.


     In the morning, Matt Teuten returns to expand upon last years presentation by offering new lighting techniques using speedlites as well as showcasing his own custom built modifier.


     In the afternoon, choose between food photography with Jim Scherer,  who will be working with a stylist to walk participants through a shoot from setup to final capture, or constant lighting with filmmaker/photographer Mike Pecci, who will be creating lighting setups that work for both photo and video.


      Matt Teuten and Mike Pecci will be photographing professional models generously supplied by John Casablancas Modeling Agency.  A representative from Eizo and a representative from Hasselblad/Broncolor will be on hand in the gallery room demonstrating the latest and greatest from their product lines.
This workshop will focus on creative and efficient use of our speedlite flashes and flash modifiers. We will begin the day talking about the pros and cons of using speedlites versus larger studio strobes. Very quickly we will transition into modifying the speedlite using the many commercially available light modifiers. We will discuss the huge benefits of controlling and modifying your light source as well as how and why we achieve these different qualities of light from our speedlites.
    In the first exercise we will address a common challenge in fast moving photography situations, mixing ambient lights sources such as sun, incandescent or indoor light with light sources like our speedlites. We will photograph a model in the studio and focus on controlling and mixing the level of ambient light versus light from the speedlight. Using camera exposure controls and flash power output we will learn to craft a final image which blends ambient and flash in the amount we desire.

    After coming to a better understanding of how we mix ambient and strobe light sources, we will begin to add additional speedlites and round out this first exercise by adding three to four speedlites and modifiers to craft a high impact final image. Throughout these exercises we will be shooting and reviewing images on screen, so as a group we can watch and discuss the quality and quantity of light changes.

     In the second exercise/demo, we will explore high speed sync / FP sync. using multiple speedlites ganged together to achieve dramatic portraits. If weather allows, this exercise will focus on using difficult daytime sun in conjunction with high speed sync. Topics covered will include, how to cluster or gang multiple speedlites to over power mid day sun, shooting your lens wide open in mid day sun, modifying and gelling lights for dramatic effect.

What makes a photograph mouthwatering?  In large part, the answer is the lighting which makes or breaks the shot.  In this workshop, Jim Scherer will let you into his thought process as he builds up an image one step at a time. He'll take the mystery out of photographing food, and leave you with the confidence to do a shoot on your own. This workshop is geared mainly toward intermediate photographers who want to learn more, who need to do an occasional food photo, or for anyone interested in learning more about the "yum factor”.


We will start by looking at some examples of different lighting techniques Jim uses, and why each was chosen for a particular situation. We will talk about what works, what doesn't work, and why.  After that we will work with food stylist Karen Tully to create an actual shot. Jim and Karen work together regularly for Dunkin' Donuts, and here you'll learn about the collaboration that often goes into working with food.  This is not a styling course, but Karen will answer questions and maybe even show you what to do when you don't have a stylist!  As we work, we'll talk about how each lighting decision is made.

     We will end the afternoon with your questions, and please feel free to bring in images to share for critique and discussion. Handouts with tips and resources will also be provided.

In a marketplace where the clients are often asking if photographers can shoot video, we are faced with having to change out lighting methods to hopefully work for both mediums. Film Director/Cinematographer/Photographer Mike Pecci gives us some insight into the world of constant light sources, and talks about how he handles both.  This will be a hands on seminar where Mike will showcase some new lighting gear, and show some of the old tricks he is constantly relying on. His demonstrations will rely heavily on the use of LED light panels but will also incorporate some tungsten lights as well.

   February 17 Learn How to Assist with Confidence/ Find Your Next Great Assistant

Have you been interested in taking your photography career to the next level through assisting? This program will help you do that with a demonstration of a real-time photo shoot where the photographer and their assistant will work together as they take you through the photo shoot from start to finish with the setup, capture and breakdown while explaining each step along the way. There will be a social hour at 5pm where food and beverages will be provided. The event is being held at the Center for Digital Arts in Waltham.

We will begin the first demonstration at 6pm where editorial sports and fitness photographer Josh Campbell and his assistant Jason Frank will walk you through a real world editorial photo shoot.

  At 7pm we will begin our second demonstration with fashion/lifestyle photographer Bob Packert and his assistant as they take you through the nuts and bolts of a fashion product shoot.

  Following our second demonstration beginning at 8pm you will have a chance to get your questions answered by our panel of skilled assistants and photographers and we may have a couple of guest assistants to join in on the conversation.


Jan 13, 2015 ASMPNE and AIGA Boston Host Creative Industry Pints n’ Pixels


Come join us for a fun evening of pictures and people. We’ll be gathering at Barlow’s (241 A Street, South Boston).  There will be complimentary foodfor everyone, one complimentary drink for each attending ASMP member, and a cash bar too.

We’re inviting other creative industry groups as well so come ready to mingle.  

We’ll be raffling off three Think Tank bags in the $1 raffle and a $2,000 Workbook Online Standard portfolio for $5. There will be a Bob Korn giveaway. The value for the print is $130 - 20x30 image on 24x34 paper.


Your photos and graphic designs will be on a big screen slideshow all evening.  This will be a great evening to have a little fun and network with other creatives in the Boston area.  Please invite your friends.  Admission is free but please register here so we know how much food will be needed.



December 18th, 2014 An Evening with Henry Horenstein


For world-renowned (and Boston-based) photographer extraordinaire Henry Horenstein, drive and passion are the hallmarks of a career that spans five decades and thirty books.


His intimate black &white photographs capture everyone from country musicians to burlesque dancers—and everything from jellyfish to elephants. His textbooks have been used in classrooms for years. And his stories continue to inspire and entertain(hint: ask him about shooting Dolly Parton for the Boston Phoenix or his nights at a world-famous Bay Village drag bar).


See the work, hear the tales and learn what’s keeping this unique documentarian busy these days.

 "I think we all want to have good lives. We want to have lives we enjoy, we’re doing what we want to do. Not too many people have the ability to do that in their work. And, that’s what photography has given me. I travel. I meet people. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve had fun. I’ve had a range of experience and things I’ve done in my life that have been amazing. Most of what I do, I love to do.” - Henry Horenstein



November 6 and 8, 2014: Video Presentation and Workshop with Tom Dowler of Long Haul Films




This two-part event is aimed at photographers who are interested in exploring the use of video and multimedia for clients. 


      On Thursday November 6th we will be hosting an evening program that will introduce you to Tom Dowler and his work with Long Haul Films.


This evening presentation is about how Tom got started working with photography and video. He will share his inspirations as well as talk about the practical side of the business. Tom will also talk about the differences and similarities he sees between photography and filmmaking. We’ll get to see Tom’s work with Long Haul Films and he will even talk about aspects of the work that stillchallenge him. This presentation will be a nice introduction to Tom’s hands-on workshop on Saturday, November 8th. 


        On Saturday November 8th we will be having an all day hands-on editing workshop using Photoshop Premiere. 


                This special one day event is geared to help photographers gain ease with Adobe Premiere and be able to deliver a finished product to their clients. It is geared towards photographers who know Adobe products but not Premiere editing. You will leave with the tools you need to get going on your next multimedia project successfully. This is a long needed program and we are very excited to be presenting this workshop


   October 16 &17 Your Work Your Career! Two Day Event



- Launch of the Mutual Accountability Groups
- A Special Evening with Thomas Werner and Peter Miller
- Portfolio Reviews


This special two day event is designed to help photographers gain more insight into how their personal work and professional work can be connected.  We’ll start the event off with the launch of our new Mutual Accountability Groups (MAG),which is a re-invention of our Mutual Mentoring Groups.  Then we’ll move into a rare opportunity to see a conversation between an international photographic consultant and a seasoned photographer who has been publishing his own books.  
The next day ASMP members and non-members are invited to participate in a portfolio review with reviewers from the New England area.




June 10th New England Creative Industry Pints 'n' Pixels Party

Come join us for a fun evening of pictures and people. We’ll be gathering at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge with a cash bar and complimentary appetizers. AIGA Boston, CIPNE, BPA, and New England Professional Videographers Association have been invited and we’re inviting other creative industry groups as well. Please bring along anyone you know that might be interested in joining us. 

          Photos, graphic design, and video clips will be on a slideshow all evening.  This should be a great evening to have a little fun and network with other creatives in the Boston area.  Please invite your industry friends to join you. Think of it as show and tell for adults!
          Admission was free. 




May 13, 2014 Studio Spotlight: Jason Lindsey Photographer/Director



As a former art director, Jason Lindsey understands the intricate relationship between art and commerce. As an experienced photojournalist, Jason crafts the narrative of the brand. As a Photographer and Director, Jason uses this experience to tell honest, inviting stories. Where others stage a shoot, Jason creates the backdrop for the story. He provides the simple direction that lets that story unfold, capturing real moments and emotions that pull viewers into the image.


     Some of Jason's recent clients include: Cramer-Krasselt, JWT, Leo Burnett, Phizer, Molson Coors, Novartis and Belize Tourism.

April 8th 2014 Copyright Registration and Paperwork Program


Do you think you could brush up on your paperwork and legal definitions?  Do you know how to register your copyrights or why you should?  Is your paperwork simple enough to not overwhelm you or your clients but still serve its purpose to create a clear understanding and provide protection?  Do you feel your paperwork needs to be updated to be more compatible with the current business environment?  ASMP New England’s Copyright Registration and Paperwork Program will help you become a more effective photographer by improving your legal knowledge and paperwork know how. Lawyer Drew Epstein and photographer / ASMP members Mike Ritter and Shawn Henry will be your guides

Mike will register his March 2014 photographs on the website and show you how to save a template so you only do the heavy lifting once.  He will also give a brief tour of the Paperwork Share on the ASMP homepage.
Drew will take you through the basics of the photographer’s three main forms of paperwork: the contract, license, and release.  He will show you terms to avoid and language to know for each.  He will also dispel common misconceptions photographers often have with the law.  The benefits and drawbacks the digital age has had on paperwork will be discussed as well.
Shawn will bring a working photographer’s perspective to the program and show the paperwork behind the images of select editorial and commercial jobs.  He will discuss the balance where your paperwork minimizes miscommunication while offering maximum protection yet avoids becoming overwhelming to you and your clients.  He will also talk about current real world considerations to take into account while drafting your paperwork.
Part 4) Q&A






March 22 Lighting Workshop Rodeo



This full day workshop is geared towards the working photographer. It explores various lighting possibilities to add to your repertoire. Get ready for a workshop that goes beyond the basics.


In the morning choose between learning how to create high impact portraits with speedlites or build your understanding of how to shoot a high end product in a more compelling way. In the afternoon, get inspiration for shooting a business person on location, or learn new tricks in studio and location lighting. To close out the day we'll have a special presentation which will explore interesting lighting techniques that leverage the unique properties of digital capture to create stunning  effects with "Lighting in Layers" & "False Color Lighting" techniques.


Most presenters will be demonstrating in the studio using either actual products shot for clients or live models.  Some presenters may leave time at the end of their demonstration for participants to take advantage of the studio setup and apply what they have learned using their own camera or they will leave time for Q&A.


In addition to exciting presentations, several lighting manufacturer representatives will be on hand display and answer question regarding the latest and greatest equipment, including Jim Morton for Dynalite and Bill Gratton for Profoto, among others.



Speaker included







February 11th and 12th, 2014 Editorial vs. Commercial


Who are you as a photographer? What do you shoot? What do you want to shoot? What SHOULD you be shooting? Want to increase your brand? Want to understand what your brand even is or how to create a brand for yourself?


The words "editorial" and "commercial" represent certain specialties within the professional photography industry, but they also have become synonymous with a way of describing how an image is shot. A magazine photo editor could say your work is too commercial for the magazine or an Art Director might comment that your images are a little too editorial for their advertising clients.


What do these words really mean? In order to understand your marketplace as a professional photographer, it is important to know which side of this discussion your work falls and how to market this work to the right type of client.


Meet Andrea Maurio and Karen D'Silva. For the past 15+ years Andrea has worked her way through the editorial landscape working for magazines like Runners World, Maxim, Stuff, and Shape to name a few. On the other side, Karen D'Silva has made a career in deciphering the commercial world through its needs and trends starting in the stock world as an editor, Art Director, and finally creative director for Photonica. Later she co-founded Spark and KD Creative Services.


Join us for an honest discussion on what defines an editorial and commercial image, how to shoot for magazines and advertising agencies, and how to promo your business to these kinds of clients.



Topics to cover:

  • The difference between editorial and commercial images.
  • Taking your visual strengths and developing the right target audience.
  • Deciphering your marketplace.
  • Marketing the right work to your creative audienc





January 9, 2014

In Our Own Backyard: When Assignments Get Personal


At ASMP we have found throughout our careers that doing work we care about also supports our businesses. Choosing meaningful projects to you personally, ultimately attracts clients you want to be working with.  Although it is unpredictable how a personal project may lead to a job, in the end doing work that we are passionate about helps grow our businesses in unexpected ways, including landing actual assignments.  Please join us for an evening of friendly discussion and outstanding imagery as we present meaningful projects both commercial and personal of four New England photographers and work they created right here in New England.




Each photographer will present his/her images, discuss the stories and motivations behind each project, and answer audience questions.  Members / Attendees are encouraged to bring personal projects they are working on to share during social time.  We would love to see what you are all up to!


November 21, 2013

Out of Order Workshop



At its core, editing is learning how to make decisions that produce the most effective result for the appeal of the story. Your editing decisions entice the viewer to become captivated and stay engaged in the story as much as the cinematography does.


The Out of Order Tour teaches you how to assemble each moment in your films by integrating storytelling theory with specific, practical editing techniques. Designed for the beginner and intermediate filmmaker, this workshop shows you how to make decisions about where the pieces go instead of simply how to move them into place.



November 16, 2013

Dslr Dynamics

The DSLR Dynamics Video Visuals Tour is bringing in-depth tips, tricks, and insider knowledge to 30 major cities in the United States and Canada this fall. This workshop empowers attendees to shoot professional quality videos, perfect for commercials, live broadcasts, weddings, and TV series. Aimed at filmmakers wanting to take their craft to the next level and photographers looking to learn the art of creating the look & feel of moving images.


DSLR Dynamics Video Visuals will equip filmmakers with superior knowledge and tools, enabling them take greater control over their creative projects and consistently deliver more impactful films.


October 21, 2013




Join the CT Chapter of the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) as they host guest speaker Vincent Laforet on Monday October 21st at Yale to discuss his prolific career as a pioneering still and video photographer.

Vincent will talk about his transition from editorial photographer from publications such as The New York Times, Life, Time, National Geographic – to a commercial still and video photographer, now working for clients such as Sony, Adobe, Pepsi & Reebok. He will also touch upon current trends in the market in terms of social media, the internet and new digital technology and equipment he uses.



October 16, 2013

Portfolio Review


ASMP New England is excited to announce our October Portfolio Reviews.   We have a fantastic line up of reviewers.  The top ad agencies in New England will be joining us along with several fine art reviewers and multi media outlets. And the best part is it’s free to all ASMP Members.  


We want to provide you with a place to make new connections, show your work and receive constructive feedback.  We also think it’s time to show off some of our New England talent.


You will need to register ahead of time with your top 3 choices, and three back ups, we cannot guarantee all choices, but every effort will be made to make sure you get your top picks. 



List of 16 Reviewers:

  • Jose’ Azel
  • Tanya Mathis
  • Glenn Ruga
  • Paula Tognarelli
  • Jenna Talbot
  • Scott Lacey
  • Katherine Hennessy
  • Anthony Henriques
  • Mark Winer
  • Lisa Greenburg
  • Elaine Totten Davis
  • David Bettencourt
  • Tracy Maidment
  • Jessica Manning
  • Kate Geskos
  • Thomas Werner




October 3, 2013

Photo Nights Boston presents Photorama – a night celebrating photography and the arts in Boston.


Imagine being able to participate in an event that inspires, engages and celebrates the creativity of our city. An event that brings diverse groups of people together through the power of photography and inspires dialogue and discussion.


This fun and inclusive event is for everyone from professional photographers to iPhoneography addicts. The cornerstone of the event will be large-scale projections of photographs. These photos will be all the winning entries from Photo Nights Boston's photography contest - where everyone is welcome to submit no matter what their experience level.


We’ll award honors for the best photos in a number of categories—judged by a panel of photography experts. In addition, we’ll feature pictures from youth participating in Artists for Humanity’s photography program. If you haven't heard of this wonderful organization, check them out.


Guests will have plenty of opportunities to mix, mingle and appreciate the work of some of the best photographers in the city.


Photography and public art have the power to capture our imagination. Together, they stir our souls and bring us together. Our Photorama event can do just that. All we need is that little spark from you.


When: Thursday, October 3, 2013 from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm


Where: The Cyclorama in the South End


- See more at:


Mary Ellen Mark at the PRC

September 26, 2013


     Mary Ellen Mark has achieved worldwide visibility through her numerous books, exhibitions, and editorial magazine work. She has published photo-essays and portraits in such publications as LIFE, New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair.For over four decades, she has traveled extensively to make pictures that reflect a high degree of humanism. Today, she is recognized as one of our most respected and influential photographers. Her images of our world's diverse cultures have become landmarks in the field of documentary photography. Her portrayals of Mother Teresa, Indian circuses, and brothels in Bombay were the product of many years of work in India. A photo essay on runaway children in Seattle became the basis of the academy award nominated filmSTREETWISE, directed and photographed by her husband, Martin Bell. Mary Ellen was presented with the Cornell Capa Award by the International Center of Photography in 2001.She has also received the Infinity Award for Journalism, an Erna & Victor Hasselblad Foundation Grant, and a Walter Annenberg Grant for her book and exhibition project on AMERICA. Among her other awards are the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, the Matrix Award for outstanding woman in the field of film/photography, and the Dr. Erich Salomon Award for outstanding merits in the field of journalistic photography. She was also presented with honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degrees from her Alma Mater, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of the Arts; three fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts; the Photographer of the Year Award from the Friends of Photography; the World Press Award for Outstanding Body of Work Throughout the Years; the Victor Hasselblad Cover Award; two Robert F. Kennedy Awards; and the Creative Arts Award Citation for Photography at Brandeis University. She also has published eighteen books.






Mike Pecci: More Than Just Pictures

September 10, 2013



         Mike Pecci will take you on a journey back and forth between still photography and filmmaking, blurring the lines enough to ask 'is that a still from a movie or a movie packed into one single editorial frame. Using a DSLR to create it all, Pecci is a Boston-based photographer, director, artist combing passion and talent in everything he does, whether for personal or corporate, documentary or grindhouse, it all shines and screams Pecci.


Mike Pecci will talk about


  • the difference between shooting stills and video, both creatively and from a technical perspective
  • talk about branding yourself as an artist, not just as a photographer
  • the progression of digital film.
  • how his paralleling careers as a photographer and director intersect

      Often hailed as raw, peculiar, and dark, Mike's ability to utilize technology and images to translate the darkest moments of human experience is insurmountable. Crafting deep characters and consistently pushing the limits in every project, Mike Pecci is an artist whose commitment to detail and process have proved to be the reason for his success. His ability to touch audiences through his films is a credit to his commitment to understanding humanity. The work has an emotional quality that can both frighten and pull you in, playing off the darkest chasms of the human condition. Working with some of the most hidden places in a character, Mike has created timeless films that impel you to fall in love and cringe with fear.







Annual Celebration



June 23, 2013

Come and have fun, there will be yummy barbeque from FireBox BBQ and cool refreshing drinks. We will have badminton and volleyball and other fun games. Bring your camera so you can take pictures of everyone! Please RSVP ASAP. Kids and family are welcome.


There will be Badminton, volleyball, and other fun activities.


The food will be provided by Fire Box BBQ




April 18, 2013


    Rick Hulbert's passion for photography stems from the fact that it teaches us how to better see and perceive the environment around us. As a Practicing Architect and Urban Designer, Rick has decades of experience in actually planning and designing internationally award winning urban neighborhoods along with the buildings therein.

       As a Professional Teacher of Photography, Rick has been fortunate to have interacted with some of the great photographers of our time. Rick's presentation is designed to be an educational experience. While he will focus on photographing architecture and refer to his own images, he will show how an "architectural attitude" in photography can influence many photographic genres.

     He promises some serious content along with a few laughs. Rick will do his best to provide each and every attendee with a notion or concept relative to photography that they had not previously considered. While this may seem a bit arrogant, he has the big advantage in that he is coming to you as an International Architect who has, over a 50 year period, mastered the art of photography as a professional tool for communication, documentation, and interpretation.





Dave Cross Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Techniques: How to enhance your speed and creativity

March 12, 2013

In this full day seminar, Dave Cross will show practical Photoshop techniques that you can use every day to be more efficient, and to give your creativity a boost. Most of all you’ll see how to spend less time in Photoshop and more time shooting! Whether you’re new to Photoshop or a seasoned veteran, you’ll walk away with a ton of ideas: this day is all about productivity and creativity.


You won’t learn every aspect of Photoshop – because you don’t need to! Dave will “demystify” this potentially overwhelming program by showing you the key tools and functions you need to know…and how to get things done more quickly. As just one example, you’ll see how a Lightroom to Photoshop to Camera Raw “smart” workflow can give you a world of creative possibilities.

To see examples of his work, please check out his website


Cig Harvey: Making Your Personal Work Your Professional Work

Feb 12, 2013


In the context of her monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency, photographer Cig Harvey will discuss the challenges of personal work from shooting to editing to finding an audience. While finding one's artistic vision and voice is ultimately a solo endeavor, we all face similar doubts and dry spells along the way. Harvey will discuss how she uses photography to examine herself while finding beauty in the chaos of life.


Cig Harvey’s photographs are intertwined with a rich narrative and autobiography and have been exhibited widely and are in the permanent collections of major museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY. She was a recent finalist in Prix Virginia, an international photography prize for women, and had her first solo museum show at The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway, in the spring of 2012 in conjunction with the release of her monograph You Look At Me Like An Emergency, Schilt Publishing, 2012.


Cig teaches workshops and regularly speaks on her work and process at institutions around the world, She is known for her high energy, creative teaching style and brings a profound sense of optimism to all that she does. Cig’s devotion to visual storytelling has lead to innovative international campaigns and features with, New York Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Kate Spade and Bloomingdales.




Blake J. Discher Network to Get Inquiries, Negotiate to Make Them Clients!



One of the best ways to gain new prospective clients in this economy is through networking. And once you've been contacted by a prospect, intelligent negotiating and pricing skills will help you to convert her into a client. Join Blake Discher in this fast paced, "what would you do?" seminar as he shares what's worked for him during the recent downturn in the economy. Based in Detroit, networking helped his photography business remain viable in one of the hardest hit markets in the country. He'll gently help you to get outside your comfort zone and give you tips to begin the process of networking. You'll hear candid, frank advice on negotiating, pricing, and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You'll leave after just two hours with information and techniques that you can put to use the next day to improve your bottom line.


Ben Baker The Story: What Really Matters In Editorial Photography 



Ben Baker works as a top tier editorial photographer for Fortune, Time, Forbes, Esquire, and AARP. You may have seen his portraits of both presidential candidates in Parade Magazine this fall. Despite the work often being chaotic, Ben strives to make a connection with his subjects even though time is often very minimal.

Ben will present his editorial work along with some personal work and discuss the editorial world of today. Come for a talk not only by an accomplished photographer but also on the deft handling of situations, genuine human engagement, and focus on the story any editorial photographer must master to be truly successful.

Come for a talk not only by an accomplished photographer but also on the deft handling of situations, genuine human engagement, and focus on the story any editorial photographer must master to be truly successful.



Social Media - Widening Your Marketing Aperture



No wide-angle lens can ever capture the breadth of reach a good social media strategy can give your creative business. Thanks to social media, there are a slew of low- to no-cost ways to connect with clients and prospects, find out about their needs and wants, and show them how you, brilliant professional that you are, can fulfill them. Social Media offers fantastic opportunities to listen, connect and promote your way to a strong, successful business, provided you know how to navigate it properly.

We assembled a noteworthy panel of social media specialists and decision-makers to help make sense of how photographers benefit from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Plus from a variety of perspectives—editorial, commercial, and advertising. Our panelists include Suzanne McDonald, Doug Kneeland, Wendy Limauge, Scott Indermaur, Jaclyn Stevenson, and Ed King.

John Huet: How to Survive in the New World Order of Photography



Recently back from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, John Huet will share his work and talk about his experiences working for editorial and advertising clients as well as his experiences directing films. Join us for this "don't miss" program from a tremendous local talent who looms large on the international stage.

Inspired by the human form and the intensity of athletic performance, John Huet began photographing competitive athletes 25 years ago. Intent on conveying the passion, pride and commitment inherent in all athletes, John has devoted his career to photographing individuals who compete at all levels of sport. Through his photography, he captures the intensity and power of the athlete, while also revealing the vulnerability of the competitor.

John partnered with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee to develop a signature look for The 2002 Olympic Winter Games. He has worked on their behalf and attended each of the Olympics since then

Dominic Chavez: The Necessity of Craft and Passion in Photography


Chavez will speak about the necessity of craft and passion in photography along with some best business practices. “The best way to tell a story as an artist is to combine your craft with the passion in your heart. It would be a crime to tell a story with only craft and no heart. It would also be a crime to tell a story with only heart and no craft.”




Cross-Org AFTA + HOW

The HOW Design Conference invades Boston from June 21-25,and the Cross-Org AFTA is going to kick things off in style. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to shake things up and rub shoulders with other creatives from a wide range of fields and

Come and show WHAT Boston's design community is all about, and HOW we come together to get inspired.

Show your Work!

To enable everyone to see what others are doing, we are putting together a slide show of work from each organization. Submission deadline for display will be June 19th and open to all.


ASMP New England Annual Celebration

June 12, 2012


Join your ASMP colleagues to celebrate with a sunset cruise on

Tuesday, June 12th from 7-9pm.Charles Boat


We'll be boarding the Charles I vessel of the Charles Riverboat Company at the Cambridgeside Galleria docks at 6:45pm. The cruise will tour the Boston harbor, and provide wonderful photo opportunities of the city while you socialize with friends and colleagues. In addition to awesome company and stunning sunset views of Boston, the Charles I will pass by the Charlestown Navy Yard to witness the daily firing of the cannon (saluting battery) from the gun deck of the U.S.S Constitution which marks the nautical twilight. Charles I will return to dock at 9:00pm



An Evening with Seth Resnick

May 1, 2012


Creativity is fueled by experiences, sights, sounds and smells. Sitting still won't bring new ideas in; experimenting and trying new things will jog your creativity. Practice, practice, practice. Creativity is like a muscle that you need to flex regularly. In much the same way that our bodies get out of shape without using our muscles, as a photographer our cognitive and visual capabilities decrease if we try new things and if we don't shoot images almost every day.


As a professional photographer I have the luxury of being able to carry a camera every day and thus always tweaking my skills but many folks don't have this luxury and if they haven't shot pictures in a while they feel visually about the same as not exercising. Becoming a better photographer is really about training yourself to make your minds eye more creative. It's about how to look for, see, and create better images. While some of this is intuitive other parts of this take training. Rather than just taking pictures this seminar will help refine your creative vision and help you create more effective and compelling images bringing your creativity to a new level.






April 10, 1012


Personal Projects: Keeping it Local



For that last couple of years taking a look at Personal Projects from our members has been a rewarding and popular event. We have seen travel, documentary, and inspirational work from our amazing colleagues. We'd love to continue this tradition this year with another evening of personal projects.

This year ASMP New England will be featuring the work of the following members at our 'Personal Projects' event at EP Levine's from 7:00-9:00pm on Tuesday, April 10th. Framed works will be on display in Levine's new gallery space for viewing before the presentations. Come show your support and see what your ASMP colleagues have been up to!

Here is an example of what is being presented.


Scott Indermaur, "Revealed"                                              Peter Vanderwarker, "Hanoi Breaking Loose"


















jewish cuba


Mark Chester









Linda Hirsch, "CUBA, Threads of Hope & Renewal"                         Mark Chester, "Twosomes"



March 20, 2012


Breaking into the Biz with Judy Herrmann 3/20


Breaking Into the Biz: What every student and emerging photographer should know. 

Sure you want to be a commercial photographer and you've got talent, drive and ambition but where do you start? In this lively and engaging seminar, veteran photographer Judy Herrmann will provide you with a wealth of resources and share real world tactics that will help you hit the ground running. Topics include finding work as an assistant, portfolio development, marketing your work, pricing, and


developing sound business practices. This seminar is ideal for students and emerging photographers looking for guidance and advice, faculty members seeking resources for business courses, and anyone contemplating a career change into this exciting but challenging field.         


Judy Herrmann of Herrmann + Starke,, creates distinctive imagery for advertising, editorial and corporate clients. Her work has won recognition from Graphis, Communication Arts, Lurzer’s Archive and numerous award annuals. A past ASMP National president and recipient of the United Nations’ IPC Leadership Award, she was recently named on of Rangefinder Magazine’s “11 Photographers You Should Know.” Her energetic and inspiring seminars on digital photography and smart business practices have helped thousands of photographers compete more effectively. Through one-on-one consultations and her blog,, she helps people grow creatively satisfying and financially rewarding businesses.






February 15, 2012

Jack Reznicki, Canon's EXPLORERS OF LIGHT




The next ASMP New England event is being held in association with Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, is a presentation by Jack Reznicki, one of


Canon's EXPLORERS OF LIGHT. (This is a part of CDIA'S Big Shots Program) The date of the event is February 15 and is being held at their Waltham Campus.

Jack Reznicki is commercial photographer based in New York City. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many Fortune 500 companies. A popular lecturer, he is always insightful, entertainingly outspoken, and refreshingly candid. Jack will discuss in this far reaching session, his commercial and personal work and how they interact. Jack will also discuss light, how to see it, and how to handle it for better, more dramatic images. Never one to duck a hot question, this illuminating, informative, and entertaining session, will benefit new photographers and those shooting a lifetime themselves.




November 15, 2011

Marketing Roulette: Taking the Guesswork Out of Your Many Marketing Options

"The Lab" Live! A Panel Discussion on Marketing in Changing Times

Presented by ASMP NE and Agency Access

Artist questions. Expert answers. No Ph.D. required.

The Lab

Our industry has forever changed and so have the rules of how photographers market themselves. The available venues to creatively market a brand are now so numerous that busy professionals may find themselves closing their eyes and just picking one so they can move on to do the work they do best.


This panel discussion with top photography industry Creatives will help participants take the guesswork out of marketing. The panel will answer your questions on what works, what doesn’t, and will share their insights on this vital, ongoing, and ever-changing part of our businesses.


The diverse panel will be moderated by Karen D'Silva, a top New York Marketing and Creative Consultant, and includes five industry Creatives ranging from large international ad agencies to the boutique and niche. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered by creative directors, art buyers and producers as well as a graphic designer, all of whom will offer their unique perspectives on marketing for our industry in the new reality.



Moderated by Karen D'Silva, Marketing and Creative Consultant



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October 11, 2011

Colleen Wainwright: Making People Love You Madly         

Selling Yourself in a Postmodern Marketplace

Presented by Colleen Wainwright

How do you stand out in a crowded market? Not by spending the most and yelling the loudest — that's a sucker's game (and boy, do those suckers get annoying, fast.) The secret to gaining attention in a noisy world lies in making yourself irresistible at all turns: in person, on your website, over the phone, and of course, on all those crazy social media outlets that keep popping up all over the internet. Learn how to let your glorious creative light shine through in every aspect of your marketing, promotion and services, and have the time of your life doing it.


Seminar Topics

  • A simple, logical framework you can use to market yourself more effectively with less stress across all platforms, online and off
  • Strategies for improving your social media engagement that you can put to use immediately
  • Tips and tools on making your website and copy more compelling to prospects
  • Real-life examples of all of the above, including profiles of photographers who are successfully using social media to gain work and attention

The Speaker

© Shawn G. Henry
© Shawn G. Henry

Colleen Wainwright is a writer-speaker-consultant who started calling herself “the communicatrix” when she hit three hyphens. She spent 10 years as an award-winning TV copywriter crafting ads for brands like Wheaties®, Gatorade® and Jell-O®, and another 10 acting in them for cash money. Since deciding she’d blow her brains out if she had to sit through one more meeting about which way the bears danced around the cereal box, Colleen spends most of her time teaching other creative souls how to talk about what they do in a way that wins them attention, work and satisfaction.


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September 22 + 24, 2011

Brian Storm Presentation and Workshop

Boston University, Boston, MA

Brian Storm


Brian Storm

Having worked at and Corbis for years, Brian Storm founded MediaStorm in 2005 with confidence in new technology leveling media creation and distribution capabilities. Along with three Emmy and five Webby Awards, MediaStorm has since gained a reputation for telling powerful stories through cinematic narratives that speak to the heart of the human condition.


Storm is coming to Boston for a special two-part program hosted on the Boston University campus by ASMP New England and the BU College of Communication. Please join us in exploring the power of multimedia storytelling with this leader in the field.


Presentation: Thursday, September 22, 2011

  click to play
  click to play

Storytelling opportunities continue to evolve as a result of technological innovations and an expanding media universe. The digital age is giving documentary photographers and photojournalists extraordinary new ways to tell stories. With this new ability, photographers can also exercise a greater level of authorship over their work. The long-form, in-depth visual storyteller can satisfy both their journalistic and financial needs in this environment.


Storm will share how some of the top photojournalists have redefined their storytelling capabilities to include audio reporting and an eye towards publication in multiple media. Their work is capturing acclaim around the world in a time when reader’s attention spans are short. Come learn how to disseminate your work to create an impact on the subject, issue, and hopefully society.


Workshop: Saturday, September 24, 2011

In this one-day workshop, Storm will provide an overview of multimedia storytelling approaches while engaging participants in discussion about the most appropriate ways to create a multimedia story. Through real world examples, he will share proven techniques to improve reporting and post production.


The workshop will be divided into three sections of Narrative Storytelling, Reporting Approach, and Business Model. In Narrative Storytelling, we will explore examples of successful projects as well as develop the best approach for creating effective multimedia stories. There will also be a review of the pros and cons of the various narrative approaches. In Reporting Approach, we will learn about using the best tools for the story along with the integration of still images, audio, and video. And finally, in the Business Model section, we will discuss how to create a diverse model and leverage various distribution outlets.



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September 12-13, 2011

Vermont Lighting Workshop with Rick Friedman


Friedman Banner

LPA Design, producer of Pocket Wizard, and ASMP present a two-day master workshop with Rick Friedman.


This workshop is designed for professional photographers who want to improve their knowledge of lighting. We begin with ways to create wonderful light using a single speedlite, continue by adding a second and third speedlite, and then progress to using studio strobes.


We will explore many different ways to achieve the lighting effect you desire for your photographs: multiple lighting situations, balancing available light with strobes, mixing speed lights with studio strobes as well as determining when speed lights are really the better option. We will work on color balances, color correction, cross filtering and adding and controlling color in your photographs. Participants will work with many different types of light modifiers and will see the effects of softboxes, umbrellas, light panels, screens, grids, snoots, reflectors, gobos and barn doors. Rick will also demonstrate how to build your own light modifiers and how to build your own gaffers kit. This will be a hands-on workshop where participants will be able to explore ideas as a group and individually.


The workshop will be conducted both in the studios of LPA Design in South Burlington, VT, and also the historic Breeding Barn (pictured here) at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, VT. The Breeding Barn, built from 1889 to 1891 by William Seward Webb as the center of a grand horse breeding operation, remained the largest open-span wooden structure in America until 1939. In 1913, Seward and Lila Webb deeded the southern 700 acres of Shelburne Farms, which included the Breeding Barn and Old Dairy Barn, to their eldest son as a wedding present. The Breeding Barn was used intermittently thereafter for fox hunts, polo, hay storage and to shelter cattle. This amazing structure will provide us with the opportunity for an exciting lighting challenge!


Rick Friedman has been a photojournalist for over three decades. Based in Boston, he travels the world for numerous publications,  corporations, advertising assignments and film and television productions. His published work appears in Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, The New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Stern, Discover and many other publications. He has produced over 75 book and magazine covers. To learn more about Rick, visit his bio page here.


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July 12, 2011

Bill Bachmann: Stock Is Not Dead!


 © Bill Bachmann

These are tough times for photographers! Many professionals feel the pinch in reduced fees, requests for much more additional usage, competing photographers everywhere, and the frustration of making less money while doing more. Bill Bachmann will present a lecture with many positive and inspiring ways to add both the enjoyment and more lucrative methods to do the same photography. Bill has given lectures around the world and seen countless photographers experience more fun and find greater success in their careers. He will present ways to earn considerably more money and have the freedom to create images we all love. He also will give suggestions on how he markets his work to get bigger and better paying assignments, both nationally and internationally.


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June 14, 2011

Two Shots of Photoshop


Jack Davis   Jane Conner-ziser

Take two Photoshop legends, stir in photographic artistry, heavy splashes of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, and pour on top of rock solid, time-saving techniques, and you have a day that will spin your mind and rocket your work to the next level! In just one day you'll learn invaluable tips and techniques for everything from Portrait Retouching to Passionate Painting to Expressive Enhancing—using all versions of Photoshop and Lightroom—but especially with the incredible life-savers available throughout CS5 and Lightroom 3. From the retouching miracles of Content-Aware Fill and Puppet Warp, to the life-changing photo optimizing and enhancing speed of the new Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, to the profitable painting possibilities of the new Mixer Brush—this double-shot, topic-packed seminar by Jack & Jane will have you up to speed, slashing deadlines, and adding to your bottom line in no time!


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May 11, 2011

Alex Buono on DSLR Video



In the world of film and television, there is no deadline more unmovable than when you hear those magical words, “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night!“ As a 10-year veteran of the Saturday Night Live Film Unit, Alex Buono must deliver high-end commercial parodies and short films in as few as 24 hours, and he will share with you how shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D has revolutionized the way he works. Alex will use his experience over the decade at SNL to demonstrate everything you need to know when it comes to shooting videos with your DSLR. Topics covered include an extensive setup primer: discussing shutter speeds, frame rates, camera settings, and vital production gear.  Alex will also cover his workflow—both on-set and in post-production—including topics such as the advantages of Canon DSLR versus other formats, transcoding files into edit-friendly codecs, and creating time-lapse sequences. Whether you are a still photographer looking to transition into video production or a veteran cinematographer looking to embrace new technology, this lecture will provide a comprehensive introduction to HDSLR cinema. Follow Alex on Twitter: @alexbuono


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April 12, 2011

Thomas Werner: The Business of Fine Art Photography


Have you ever wondered why Andreas Gursky's images of the Prada Store are considered fine art and sell for tens of thousands of dollars while your images are considered commercial photographs? The world of fine art photography is transforming as rapidly as the commercial marketplace. You can take advantage of this time of change to develop multiple revenue streams to support your business while, at the same time, keeping your vision fresh and alive. Creating and properly marketing a body of fine art work can be instrumental in achieving these goals. What is a fine art photograph? Where do you market your fine art work? How do you reach that market, present your work, and create marketing materials and a Web site? Thomas Werner, international commercial and fine art photographer, will share his experiences about these topics and much more. Werner will explain how you can build a relationship with a gallery and what happens when you get an exhibition. Werner will also help you identify sensible goals in the fine art world and how to maximize results based on those expectations.


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March 8, 2011

The Fine Art of Digital Printing
Presented by John Paul Caponigro and R. Mac Holbert


Find out about the latest advances in digital printing. You'll learn to evaluate printers, inks, media, RIPs, and profiles. See the latest Epson printers and media in action. Thousands of dollars of free giveaways are provided by Adobe, X-Rite, NIK, OnOne, HDRSoft, Imagenomic, Chromix and more! Discover what's unique about a fine art workflow designed to maximize quality. See it in action. See it detailed step-by-step. See the results. John Paul and Mac will build a file from the ground up and show you the final results in print. You'll learn to seamlessly integrate Adobe software Lightroom, Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop. You'll learn a variety of tools and techniques that will help improve and refine both your digital files and prints. We've heard time and time again, "That one tip was worth the price of admission." And there are dozens of these! You'll leave with the knowledge you need to get the results you’re looking for and the confidence that it's the very best.


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February 8, 2011

Nick Vedros: Thriving Not Just Surviving


For more than three decades, Nick Vedros has been producing award winning work for his many clients, which include Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and Sony. With the deceptively simple phrase “I put four sides around an idea,” Nick sums up the approach that keeps clients coming back.  Whether shooting at his state-of-the-art digital studio in Kansas City or on location anywhere in the world he is needed, he will tell you that technology alone can’t bring an idea to life. It is imagination that transforms a concept into a memorable visual experience. Nick comes to the creative table to listen, to collaborate, to interpret, and to create—in that order.  It’s no mystery that Nick has an astounding client retention rate. On a Vedros shoot, every detail is obsessively controlled.  Challenges are anticipated and addressed proactively.  Nick creates an atmosphere of confidence that frees clients to concentrate on creative direction.  The music is great, the panoramic views spectacular, the hospitality genuine, and the humor constant.  With Nick, you’re not just going to a photo shoot. You’re having an entire creative experience.  The Vedros Experience. Is it any wonder that one shoot with Nick Vedros is never enough?


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December 14, 2010

Bringing It Home 2: New England Photographers Share Their Personal Projects


Personal projects pull at the heart of our photographic mindset. The subjects and stories we care about come to light through our collective vision as photographers. After great feedback from our event last year, we decided once again to showcase our local talent, and focus on our members' non-commercial photographic pursuits. We received many excellent submissions, and we selected four final photographers to present their projects in a special evening featuring a panel discussion, and Q&A with the audience. The finalists and their projects were: Lynne Damianos, The Bancroft Building and Its People; George Disario, On the Road; Michael Malyszko, Tammy Does Boston; and Charles Sternaimolo, Edward Hopper Through Photography.


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October 12, 2010

John Holt: 35 Years of Visual Problem Solving


John HoltJohn Holt has been part of the Boston photography scene for thirty-plus years. John has specialized in everything from big production room sets for clients such as Bose and Scandinavian Design furniture, to the footwear industry with clients such as Timberland, Converse, and Cole Haan. John is also recognized as being a pioneer in digital imagemaking, being among the first to combine photography, digital illustration, and CGI. While John has never been one to put a label on himself, one constant has remained over the years—John's love of rising to the challenge, to solve whatever visual challenge might come his way. On this evening, John took our audience on a special walk through the past to the present day and discussed the ever-expanding choice of tools we have at our disposal.


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September 14, 2010

Are You Snapped Up In Social Media?
Why You Should Be and Maybe Why You Shouldn't


social media iconsWe assembled a noteworthy panel of social media specialists and decision-makers to help make sense of how photographers benefit from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook from a variety of perspectives—editorial, commercial, and advertising. Our panelists included Jennifer Bogutt, Clark Dever, Mark Gallagher, Suzanne McDonald, and Lew Sabbag.


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June 8, 2010

Capturing the Dramatic Moment with Tyler Stableford


© Tyler StablefordAward-winning adventure photographer Tyler Stableford presented a multimedia show of captivating imagery on Tuesday, June 8. Tyler took the audience behind the scenes of his assignments, from exploring rare ice caves to documenting the dangerous lives of underground coal miners. A teacher at heart, Tyler revealed his secrets to capturing the elusive “dramatic moment,” and to earning a living in the freelance world of editorial, commercial and stock photography. He also shared stories from his latest assignments, flying with F-16 fighter pilots, and filming the trials and tribulations of an Iraq veteran turned Paralympic skier. Men’s Journal named Tyler one of the seven “World’s Greatest Adventure Photographers,” and he is one of Canon’s distinguished Explorers of Light. Tyler has won numerous awards from PDN, American Photo, the International Photography Awards, Communication Arts and National Geographic Traveler. He shoots for Getty Images, and clients include Disney, Patagonia, The New York Times and Sports Illustrated, among others.


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March 31, 2010

Elevating Your Creative Voice with Parish Kohanim


Parish KohanimIn this presentation renowned commercial photographer Parish Kohanim shared his life-long experiences, philosophy and transcendence through the art of photography. He addressed how to stay ahead in this competitive and changing economy. Parish gives inspiration and challenges each person to do their best and continue to grow in their art. Parish Kohanim has worked commercially for many leading international companies—IBM, Coca-Cola, and De Beers, to name a few—and his work has appeared on the pages of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Forbes, Time, and Newsweek. Having an insatiable desire to explore and expand his artistic horizons, he still remains true to his approach to simplicity and to the visual dialogue that is intuitive and innate.


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March 9-10, 2010

Ian Summers: A Creative Workshop


Ian SummersThe program began with an evening of Ian Summers' Heartstorming. He developed this concept to help photographers and other creators manifest what they love and what matters to them. Ian lead some participatory exercises designed to help each person define or re-define who they are and what they stand for as a photographer. The next day Ian lead a photo walk in the morning and conducted portfolio reviews in the afternoon. The photo walk provides photographers and other creators with an opportunity to get back in touch with what made them choose to be a photographer in the first place. It's about making pictures without an attachment to how it will be used or perceived. Ian's portfolio reviews are done in an open forum and in front of all participants, believing that everyone benefits from hearing anyone else’s review.


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February 9, 2010

Shooting Sports: Catch the Fever!




© Damian Strohmeyer

© Damian Strohmeyer

Veteran sports photographers Damian Strohmeyer and Robert Seale shared their work and the secrets to capturing heart-stopping sports action and beautifully crafted portraits of famous sports personalities. In addition to presenting their stunning photographs, Strohmeyer and Seale discussed what it takes to secure and keep premiere clients such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, Reebok, and Under Armour. Damian Strohmeyer has been affiliated with Sports Illustrated magazine for twenty years and has covered the World Series, World Cup, Stanley Cup, Indianapolis 500, several Olympics, and 23 Super Bowls. Robert Seale, a Houston-based photographer specializing in dynamic editorial portraiture, has produced portraits of many of the finest athletes of our time, and has shot over 200 covers for Sporting News.


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January 12, 2010

Bringing It Home: New England Photographers Share Their Personal Projects


Bringing It HomePlease join us for an evening of friendly discussion and outstanding imagery as we present the personal projects of four New England photographers. Each photographer will present his/her images, discuss the stories and motivations behind each project, and answer audience questions. This evening will not only be a chance to see what our fellow photographers are up to, but may also provide the inspiration for us all to pursue our own personal projects. Our presenters include: Caleb Kenna, The Golden Cage: Mexican Migrant Workers and Vermont Dairy Farmers; Bruce T. Martin, Look Close See Far, A Cultural Portrait of the Maya; Winslow Martin, Armenia; Barbara Peacock, Faces Documentary.


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December 14, 2009

Adventures in Lightroom with Katrin Eismann


Adventures in LightroomThe Photoshop Diva, Katrin Eismann, put on a full day workshop which explored the creative potential of Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 and previewed the new features available in Lightroom 3.0. Topics included applying false color temperatures, creating compelling black and white conversions, adding selective enhancements, and experimenting with multiple processing of images. Katrin addressed how to work with Lightroom and Photoshop efficiently and how to use the new X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to build and use DNG camera profiles in real time shooting situations to save you time and improve color quality. Katrin also demonstrated her favorite multishot techniques to increase camera resolution, dynamic range, reduce noise, and increase depth of field with Photoshop CS4 Extended.


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November 10, 2009

An Evening with Eugene Richards


A Procession of ThemEugene Richards is a photographer, writer, and documentary filmmaker who is best known for his books and photographic essays on such diverse topics as breast cancer, drug addiction, poverty, AIDS, and emergency medicine. In his talk, Eugene Richards discussed the many book projects he’s undertaken since becoming a photographer nearly forty years ago, as well as his forays into filmmaking and advertising work. Richards' latest publications, A Procession of Them and The Blue Room, were both published in Fall 2008.


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October 13, 2009

Rosh Sillars: Successful Marketing in the New Media World


Rosh SillarsNew media marketing is about the conversation, becoming the expert, being engaged and attracting the attention of a world overloaded with information and resources. This program addressed the new rules in the continuously changing landscape of communication. New Internet tools and applications are developed almost daily to help individuals and organizations better tell their story through digital marketing and personal branding. Rosh Sillars is a veteran photographer and owner of the creative representation firm The Rosh Group, Inc. Click here to learn more about Rosh Sillars.


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June 9, 2009

Dick Durrance: Creating Opportunities


Dick DurranceIn difficult times, creative vision is the key to economic survival. Dick Durrance, with stories and award winning images from photographing National Geographic assignments, combat in Vietnam, and global advertising campaigns, shows you how to focus your creative vision on the challenges you face. He ignites your passion for fresh ideas, reminding you that creative vision does not just come from seeing what is but from imagining what can be. He inspires you to harness your gifts, develop your skills, and build the teamwork you need to create fresh opportunities. He will help to not only survive but flourish, fulfilling your dreams for yourself, your family, and your community.


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May 26, 2009

Assistant Workshop: The Assistant Survival Guide


This day-long workshop focused on the ins and outs of assisting, including discussions about professionalism, etiquette, and pay rates, as well as demonstrations of the most common photo shoot gear. The workshop concluded with a panel discussion and Q&A featuring real-life assistants and established area photographers, who dished the truth on what's happening in the assistant world. Thanks to the folks at EP Levine for offering their space and top-of-the-line equipment for this event.


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May 12, 2009

Brian Smith: The Future of Editorial Photography


Brian SmithEditorial Photography is undergoing rapid change, yet the death of magazine photography has been greatly exaggerated. Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith, President of Editorial Photographers, discussed how to maximize the creative and commercial rewards while avoiding bad contracts, stagnant rates and rights-gobbling appetites of multinational media corporations. Smith stressed the need to charge properly for the time and expense of digital capture and processing and why photographers and agencies may be to blame for unreasonably low caps that some magazines that some magazines have placed on digital fees.


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April 21, 2009

Judy Herrmann: Taking Control of Your Career


Judy HermannAre you satisfied with the work you're creating? Do your clients appreciate what you bring to the table? Are you struggling to adapt to a changing marketplace and a down economy? Is your business taking you where you want to go? Judy Herrmann discussed real-world tactics for developing and implementing a plan that will take your career where you want it to go—how to achieve your creative and financial goals, anticipate and adapt to business and technological change, and build a satisfying and stable photography business. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, the tools and techniques shown in this program will give you greater control over your future. Click here to learn more about Judy Herrmann.


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March 10, 2009

Who? What? Where? Panel Discussion with Industry Creatives


This panel discussion with top industry creatives and moderated by Selina Maitreya, was indeed revealing as well as informative. In a time of economic uncertainties, where is our industry headed and how do photographers adjust to stay in business? We invited a diverse panel of six industry creatives ranging from large international ad agencies, to the boutique and niche, with a group that includes creative directors, art buyers and producers as well as a graphic designer, all of whom shared their insights and thoughts on our industry now.


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February 10, 2009

Paula Lerner: The Art and Commerce of Multimedia


© Paula LernerAdding sound to still images to create multimedia features can make for powerful storytelling. It also opens up new opportunities for still photographers who are willing to expand their skill set and embrace new media. In this presentation, award-winning photojournalist and commercial photographer Paula Lerner shared work and discussed making the transition from shooting stills alone to combining still images with audio to produce multimedia narratives. She spoke about the basics of multimedia as well as how this medium can be both a profitable business option and an outlet for personal projects.


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December 9, 2008

Putting Your Business in Focus: A Strategic Approach to Marketing Photographers


Beth Darman StoneLike many professionals, photographers are often expert at what they do, but find the prospect of marketing their business daunting. Taught by Beth Darman Stone of ClairStone Communications, this seminar focused on helping photographers develop a strategic approach to creating a marketing and communications plan that works for their businesses.


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November 18, 2008

Steve Whittaker: Architectural Photography - It's an Art Form but It's Also a Business


© Steve WhittakerThe business of Architectural Photography is an aspect that constantly requires attention. One of the goals from this event was to empower photographers by gaining a better understanding of contractual issues and dealing with negative terms and conditions. Steve Whittaker covered estimating, licensing issues, contractual issues, copyright, project coordination, and practical experiences, both with lighting and assignment issues in general during more of his challenging assignments.


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October 7-8, 2008

Kevin Ames: Photoshop CS4 & Lightroom 2


Kevin AmesKevin Ames is a commercial photographer, author, teacher, and columnist for Photoshop User Magazine. In this 2-day seminar, Kevin discussed tips and techniques spanning a wide variety of Photoshop and Lightroom topics, including digital archiving, working in RAW with Smart Objects, and high-end retouching. Kevin also shed light on the new features in the latest versions of Adobe's Photoshop and Lightroom products.


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September 16, 2008

Blake Discher: "I Stink at Negotiating!"


Blake DischerDo you panic when you have to discuss money with a client? Do you talk too fast, ramble or sound indignant? Do you give in too fast to a lower price or broad licensing terms? Blake Discher teaches the steps to become a top negotiator. This critical skill can change your business in the most profound way—more and better work! Blake discusses real world scenarios, shows how to listen and talk to prospects, turning them into loyal clients.


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